Storm Chase 2010 (Storm chase images and reports)

May 18 - May 31

by William T. Hark
Stock Photgraphy and Video

The 2010 season is my best since I started chasing on my own in 1998. There were two absolutely amazing and insane tornado days with close video of tornadoes. The Bowdle, South Dakota tornado was a slow moving violent tornado later rated EF4. I was able to video a cross-country power transmission tower fall in the tornadic winds and later the tornado crossing the highway in front of me. Earlier, I barely escaped being munched as the developing tornado approached from the south. On May 24th, I experienced a beautiful tornado crossing open countryside. That storm had the nice combination of gorgeous structure and a tornado. It passed behind a church and crossed the road several hundred yards from my position. One of my photos of the tornado was later used on the cover of Weatherwise magazine. I encountered multiple storms and a brief tornado during the other days that I chased in May. I was able to photograph landscapes and wildflowers across the northern Plains. I also enjoyed seeing many of my chaser friends who were out the same time. Luckily, our schedules overlapped, and we were able to chase together on some of the days. Due to death ridges and timing, I had missed some of my friends during recent years and it was fun to chase together again.

Total miles: 4723

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Last modified: September 12, 2010

May 18 (Tornado near Dumas, Texas)

May 19 (Tornado-warned storm in Oklahoma)

May 20 - 21 (Travel day and landscape images in Kansas inc. Greensburg)

May 22 (Bowdle, South Dakota area tornadoes)

May 23 (Nebraska landscapes images)

May 24 (Tornado from Howes to Faith, South Dakota)

May 25 (Landscape images near the Black Hills, South Dakota and Nebraska)

May 26 (Supercell in northeastern Colorado)

May 27 - 28 (Landscape images near Ogallala, Nebraska)

May 29 (Bust and mammatus near Ogallala, Nebraska)

May 30 - 31 (Travel day and VORTEX 2)

All photos and pictures are copyright 2010 William T. Hark, M.D except as noted. My pictures are either video captures using HD camcorders (Sony 3CCD Z1 and Canon HV20) or images from the Nikon D200/Canon SD 800.

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