Storm Chase 2007 (Storm chase images and reports)

May 18 - May 31

by William T. Hark
Stock Photgraphy and Video

After multiple tornado outbreaks from March through early May, the weather patterns become quiet after I arrived in Tornado Alley for my usual two weeks of chasing. Despite less than ideal conditions, I managed to intercept some nice storms including a couple of tornadoes. I felt obligated to chase marginal events since possibilities were limited and my travels even brought me close to the Canadian border.

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Last modified: Jan 11, 2008

May 18 - 20 (Airforce One, Rocky's Storm Chaser Picnic in Oklahoma and Kansas Landscape Images )

May 21 (Gustnadoes in Hutchinson County, Texas)

May 22 (Tornado south of Hill City, Kansas)

May 23 (Oklahoma and Texas Supercells)

May 24 - 28 (Big Texan in Amarillo, TX; Landscape Images in Kansas and Nebraska; North Dakota Bust)

May 29 - 30 (Limon Colorado Supercell; Landscape Images in Kansas and Colorado)

May 31 (Colorado and Oklahoma HP Supercell, Guymon, Oklahoma Tornado)

All photos and pictures are copyright 2007 William T. Hark, M.D except as noted. My pictures are either video captures using a Sony VX-2100 or TRV-900 mini DV or images from the Nikon D200.

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