Video and Image Credits (updated 1/10/12)

Publications that have used my photos

  1. 2012 Weather Guide Calendar With Phenomenal Weather Events Accord Publishing. Two tornado images (Howes, SD 2010).

  2. Weatherwise Magazine Sept/Oct 2010 cover photo (Photo contest 1st prize) of Howes, SD tornado 5/24/2010.

  3. 2011 Weather Guide Calendar With Phenomenal Weather Events Accord Publishing. Three tornado images (Quinter, KS 2008).

  4. Natural Disasters: Tornadoes Macmillan Library, 2007. Wall cloud and Hallam tornado damage photo.

  5. Bombes autres forces de la nature Oxford University Press, Canada 2006. Three tornado images and one of Hallam tornado damage.

  6. 9-1-1 Magazine May 2006: Photo of tornado from May 29, 2004 Jamestown, KS area (wrong ID listed as May 1997)

  7. Orion January/February 2005: Moths by a blacklight with article "The Moth Blitz" by Robert Michael Pyle.

  8. Greene County Record Nov. 11, 2004. Front page, color image of rare Aurora in Virginia.

  9. Richmond Times-Dispatch Travel Section on June 25, 2004; Tornado near Jamestown, KS. May 29, 2004

  10. website image of Gulf Fritillary.

  11. Baltimore Sun Sept. 21, 2003: Interview and photo of storm chasers in Kansas.

  12. GlaxoSmithKline (image used through Torre Lazur, an advertising agency) for a foundation promotion. Multiple media. Image of Tiger Swallowtail.

  13. MEDHUNTERS magazine Spring 2003 issue. Interview and supercell photo. (Photo now missing in online ed.)

  14. Body Mind Spirit Magazine April 2003 issue; cover photo. Cracker butterfly.

  15. WeatherMatrix Storm Chasing Calendar 2003 Borger, Texas supercell; May 23, 2003.

  16. Richmond Times Dispatch Photo of Morpho butterfly from Belize, Travel section; Dec. 22, 2002.

  17. Science Weekly Poster: "The Secret Life of Butterflies" with several butterfly photos.

  18. The Elks Magazine April 2002 issue. Photo of Harper, Kansas tornado on May 25, 1997.

  19. Images of Virginia Calendar 2002 by WTVR Channel 6. Photo of Northern Lights in Goochland, County Virginia.

  20. Encyclopedia of Insectsby Brown Partworks, London.

  21. A World For Butterflies by Dr. Phil Schappert. Copyright 2000. Hardback, 320 pages, many beautiful butterfly photos. An in-depth study of the natural history and conservation of butterflies. He used several of my butterfly photos. One is on the cover of the Canadian edition.

  22. The Bugbook by Janet Halfmann and Adele Richardson. Copyright 2000. Hardback, 232 pages. A childrens book by Smart Apple Media with colorful photgraphic sections on various insects including moths. I took most of the moth photos.

  23. Moths by Adele Richardson. Copyright 1999. Hardback, 32 pages. One of a series of children's books by Smart Apple Media with photographs of moths and caterpillars. Many of the photographs were taken by me including the cover photo of a luna moth.

  24. Micro Structure Bulletin, Newsletter for Nordic Micro Structure Technology, Vol.7, 99:4-00:2, Nov 1999. A micromachine and microsystem technology journal. Caterpillar photo, page 8.

  25. UVA Alumni News 1997. Photograph of Comet Hale-Bopp over the University of Virginia Rotunda.

Programs using my video

    The Weather Channel - Storm Riders SE Oklahoma tornadoes - May 21, Ada, Oklahoma tornado

  1. Criminal Minds (TV show CBS) - Storm footage
  2. Discovery Channel - Tornado Rampage 2011 May 2011. Video of Oilville, Virginia tornado
  3. Fox News, WTVR, WRIC, WTTG April, 2011 video of April 27, 2011 Oilville, Virginia tornado.
  4. Discovery Channel, Raging Planet : Tornado Outbreak Quinter, KS tornado footage August 2009.
  5. Stanley Jacobs Productions Dust mites for use in a commercial in 2009.
  6. National Geographic: Naked Science 6: Twister Outbreak Quinter, KS tornado footage aired in June 2009.
  7. APTV Tornado, tornadic supercell and brush fire near Guymon, Oklahoma May 31, 2007.
  8. Good Morning America (ABC) Hail and severe storm in Limon, Colorado May 29, 2007.
  9. APTV Tornado and Supercell May 22, 2007.
  10. Primetime (ABC) Gaston flooding video in Richmond, Virginia aired August 25, 2005.
  11. Animal Storm Stories (The Weather Channel) by Towers Productions. Show on the May 22, 2004 Hallam F4 tornado.

  12. The Weather Channel stringer video (mulitple times), mainly around Richmond. For example, see this video still from Aug. 7, 2004. Here is flooding from the remains of Gaston on August 30, 2004. Also Weather Channel Archives, multiple views mainly of Quinter, KS tornado from 2008.

  13. CBS KCTV Channel 5 Kansas City, MO local newscast, May 30, '04 -- Tornadoes in Cloud Co (KS)
  14. CBS WTVR Channel 6 Richmond, VA local newscast, May 31, '03 -- Tornado near Brodnax (VA)
  15. Unapix Productions; Totally Outrageous Vacations 2001; broadcast on ABC. Interview and multiple tornadoes (KS)
  16. CBS WTVR Channel 6 Richmond, VA local newscast, June 5, '01 -- Severe striated storm (VA)
  17. CBS WTVR Channel 6 Richmond, VA local newscast, May 30, '01 -- Gustnado, Gustfront (KS)
  18. NBC WWBT Channel 12 Richmond, VA local newscast, Aug. 9, '00 -- Roll Cloud
  19. CBS WTVR Channel 6 Richmond, VA local newscast, July 16, 17, '00 --- Hailstorm.
  20. Pioneer Productions, 1999. United Kingdom.
  21. NBC WVIR Channel 29 Charlottesvile, VA local newscast, June 16, '98 --- Shelf cloud.
  22. CBS 48 Hours 1997 --- Interview and mile wide wedge tornado.

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