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Video and Photo Licensing, Speaking and Media

Storm chasing, butterfly and other nature video and photographs are available for licensing. I have sold video to many production companies including Pioneer, Unapix and Peacock Productions. My storm video has been seen on multiple networks including National Geographic, Discovery Channel and The Weather Channel along with news channels (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News) and their local affiliates. Some examples of documentaries using my footage include The Wonders of Nature: Tornado, Weather Gone Viral, Mega Twister (National Geographic) and Tornado Rampage (Discovery Channel). In addition to many different types of tornadoes, I have video of supercells, gorilla hail, storm chasers in action, lightning and B-roll scenes across the Tornado Alley. Much more is available than is featured on my YouTube channel. Most video is HD, though more recent video is in 4K. With advance notice, I can obtain specific B-roll scenes while chasing in Tornado Alley.

Although my butterfly images are the most popular, I have a variety of tornado, supercell, storm chase, rainbow, lightning, African wildlife, landscape, comet, southern aurora, insect and other nature images. Individual prints are not sold. My photos are available for usage in books, magazines, posters, calendars, advertising and other printed material. I have had photos published in a variety of books, magazines, calendars and used in advertising. I've won photography awards from Weatherwise Magazine (first and other prizes) and Virginia Wildlife.

Go to "publications and video" for a complete listing of publications that have used my photos along with programs that have used my video. There's also a listing of DVD releases and presentations

All images on this website are copyright William T. Hark and unauthorized usage will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I will allow free usage of images for school projects, personal use (ie computer wallpaper), and nonprofit educational and governmental materials with permission and photo credit. "Educational" does not extend to school textbooks and encyclopedias which are regarded as commercial usage.

I also enjoy giving presentations to local groups about storm chasing, severe weather, butterflies and allergies. I have given many talks and headed discussion groups with local physicians, nurse practitioners, school nurses and in corporations about allergic rhinitis and asthma. I have also given presentations on storm chasing to the local American Meteorological Society (AMS) chapter in Richmond, Mid-Atlantic ChaserCon, Osher Institute at the University of Richmond, a local high school meteorology club and some elementary classes. I have given a guided butterfly tour and talk at Ivy Creek Natural Area in Charlottesville, Va. I am looking forward to additional talks. Contact me for details.

Please contact me for pricing and usage of video or photographs. Indicate the proposed details of usage including size of required image, circulation (for magazines), and type of show (for video). I can provide sample pictures and sample footage or one can look at my website and Facebook galleries and YouTube channel. I also welcome media inquiries for interviews, live reports and consulting.

updated 12/1/2022

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