Storm Chase 2003

May 16 - May 28

by William T. Hark
Stock Photgraphy and Video

Although many chasers saw tornadoes during Spring 2003, I saw only one in Virginia and none in Tornado Alley. The first two weeks of May set a record for number of tornadoes. I arrived for the second two weeks and the severe weather pattern ended. I was still able to see supercells, lightning, wall clouds and hail along with a rare Virginia tornado. Of course, there were more tornadoes across the Plains after I returned home. I was also able to spend time with friends and explore Big Bend National Park. While I was chasing, I was filmed by a crew from Pioneer Productions. The show about chasers (one of three one hour shows) will air on the Travel Channel in late October or early November. My friends and I were filmed during a lull in severe weather so I don't know how much of their footage will be used.

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May 16 - 18 (Storm chaser picnic, severe storms, wall cloud near Denver)

May 19 (Healdton and Loco, Oklahoma: supercell, rotating wall cloud, tornado warning)

May 20 - 23 (Detention by government security, Big Texan, windmill photos, interviews with Pioneer Productions, Kansas and Texas storms)

May 24 - 25 (Texas: LP supercell, severe lightning, hail)

May 26 - 28 (Big Bend National Park and Rio Grande Valley)

May 31 (Tornado near Brodnax, Virginia)

During this trip, I chased with the the following chasers: Brian Crean, Ron Gravelle Jack Kertzie, George Kourounis, Chris Kridler, Scott McPartland, Jason Persoff, M.D., Rob Pollanz, and Peter Ventre. Thanks to Jim Leonard and Charles Edwards of Cloud 9 Tours and Dave Lewison, for help with data and nowcasting. I also received updates from Tim Vasquez's Chase Hotline.

All photos and pictures are copyright 2003 William T. Hark, M.D except as noted. My pictures are either video captures using a Sony TRV-900 mini DV or scanned slides from a Nikon FG and Fuji Velvia film.

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