Comet, Aurora and Dark Sky Photography

by William T. Hark

Updated 12/7/2022

Comet Hale-Bopp photos and comet photo tips

Comet Hyakutake

Comet Ikeya-Zhang, (pic#2)

Northern Lights (Aurora) in Virginia March 31, 2001
Auroral display in Virginia October 29, 2003
Auroral display in Virginia: November 7, 2004
Geminid meteors in Virginia: December 14, 2012
Comet Pan-STARRS from western Henrico County, Virginia at 8:06 PM, March 12, 2013
Comet Lovejoy January 20, 2015
Another Lovejoy image 1/20/2015
Comet C/2020 F3 or NEOWISE, view from Kiawah Island, SC July 10, 2020
Comet C/2020 F3 or NEOWISE from Powhatan County, VA with distant lightning, July 18, 2020, 9 PM CDT
Admiring Comet NEOWISE
SpaceX rocket over Richmond, VA April 23, 2021
Lunar eclipse over Richmond, VA November 8, 2022 6:02 AM EST

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