Bill's Comet Hale-Bopp Photos

Last Update: April 2, 2010

Here are some of my photos of comet Hale-Bopp. The March 21 photo of the comet over the UVA rotunda is available by contacting me. (E-mail is listed below.) Unless otherwise indicated, they are all taken with a Nikon FG, 50 mm lens, and a fixed tripod using Kodak Gold 1000 print film. The photos are all copyright 1997 William T. Hark and may not be reproduced without permission from the photographer.

For more info, try Sky & Telescope. Other good sites include NASA's Comet Page on Hale-Bopp.

Note: This page goes back to 1999. I have left it relatively unchanged other than removing old non-functioning links. I hope to eventually upload some larger images of these Hale-Bopp Photos.

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