National Storm Chasers Convention

Denver, Colorado 2006

The 8th annual National Storm Chaser Convention was held in Denver on Feb 17 through 19, 2006. I had a great time seeing old friends, learning more about forecast techniques, tornado formation and chase equipment along with watching some amazing tornado video. The lectures were very informative, especially John Davies tornado forecasting (Cold Core systems) and supercell vs nonsupercell tornadoes along with Tim Marshall's lecture on tornado damage and building techniques. Dr Forbes of The Weather Channel had a great talk on supercells and recent tornado outbreaks. I also enjoyed the talks on Colorado meteorology by Bob Glancy, waterspouts by Dr. Golden and two lectures on tornado formation by Dr. Wurman and Dr. Marskowski. Jim Reed had some amazing photos during his lecture and I learned some nice photographic techniques. Of course, Dr. Doswell III had a very entertaining and informative lecture on chaser safety and behavior. Seeing everybody and having a chance to talk in a relaxed situation is the most fun. Usually, most people are in a rush to check data or get to their target while in the field. The spirit of the conference wasn't dampened by the brief power outage due to the record cold though I am glad I wasn't one of the people stuck in the elevator. Tim Samaras kept the conference going after wiring the proejctor to his chase vehicle with a very long cord. Thanks to the organizers (Roger Hill, Tim Samaras and David Drummond) along with the speakers and sponsors.

"Hands on" demonstration with
Stickypod camera mounts

Chasers checking out the

Tim Vasquez selling Digital
Atmosphere and meteorology books.

Dr. Greg Forbes of
The Weather Channel talking
with some chasers

Lunch between meetings

Roger Hill and Tim Samras
distributing some door prizes

Tim Marshall talking about
tornado damage and construction

Chris Collura of Weathervine
selling hurricane DVD's

Lunch between meetings

Tim Samaras and Jim Reed
fixing the projector

Dave Lewison conducts an
experiment using coffee
and sub-zero temperatures

Dr Doswell III waiting for
the blackout to end

Minature lighting using Dan
Robinson's Van De Graaf
generator (great for SDS!)

The effect of increased static
charges on hair

Two kids learn about

Watching the many lectures

Scott Blair and
Jeff and Kathryn Piotrowski

(L to R)Mike Theiss, Matt Crowther, Jeff Piotrowski
Dave Lewison,Mike Umscheid,Jim Leonard

(L to R)Dave Lewison, Mike Umscheid
Katie Bay

Late evening Hurricane video
party watching Mike Theiss'
amazing "Theiss Device" and other Katrina

(L to R) Mike Umscheid, Matt Crowther, Betsy Abrams
Bill Hark, Mike Theiss, Dave Lewison

Jon Davies talking about
non supercell tornado forecasting

Jim Reed's amazing photography
and talk on photo techniques

Denver Airport tornado shelter area
(L to R) Angie Norris and Sara Johnson

All photos, copyright 2006 William T. Hark, M.D.

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