Tornado Video from the
eastern United States

Eastern Fury

FOR SALE: A Two Hour DVD of Tornado Video from the Eastern United States

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This DVD is an amazing collection of rare tornado video and photos from the eastern United States. Many of these videos have never been seen or have only been shown for a few seconds on the local news. There are close-up videos of tornadoes that mainly appear as flying and swirling debris. Other tornadoes on this DVD are classic tapering funnels, wedge-shaped or appear as a long white "elephant-trunk." Highlights include multiple views of the La Plata, Maryland F4 tornado, the Hurricane Ivan induced tornado outbreak across the Washington D.C. area and Panama City Florida, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee F5 tornado, the beautiful white tornado of Punta Gorda, Florida, Hurricane Katrina associated tornado in Georgia, multiple views of a Myrtle Beach tornado and a Pennsylvania tornado from the 1985 outbreak. Finally, there is the only known footage of the 1953 Worcester, Massachusetts tornado.

I have compiled this video to show the variety and beauty of eastern tornadoes and to preserve this tornado video for future research and historical interest. Many tornado videos are shown for a couple of seconds on the news, then left forgotten in news archives. A documentary may show a longer clip but leave out interesting and important parts of the tornado formation and life cycle. Other tornado videos are only shown to a few people, then left to deteriorate in someones attic or basement. More importantly, I have put this collection together to educate storm spotters, chasers and the public on the presence and variety of tornadoes in the East. Many tornadoes, especially in the East, don't appear to be the standard tube or funnel. Instead, they may appear to be a column of smoke, papers flying in the air or are obscured by rain, trees, haze and buildings. Recognition can be difficult.

Eastern Fury is mostly amateur video along with some contributions from local media. When possible, I have tried to preserve the natural soundtrack (edited for family viewing). I have spent two years researching eastern tornadoes and contacting the videographers/television stations for permission to use their video and images for this DVD. Sometimes, I found video through word of mouth or by contacting residents in an affected area. Unfortunately, some of the internet sources that I used for more recent tornadoes have already vanished since I started this project in Fall 2004. Several of the videographers/photographers have moved and two are already deceased. If I had started this project today, I would have never located many of the videos that are in this DVD. Due to time constraints, I will not produce an "Eastern Fury 2." I hope that someone with a similar interest in tornadoes will continue collecting tornado videos from the eastern United States and make them available to researchers, spotters and others with an interest in storms.

DVD Purchasing Information

Each 2 hour and 14 minute DVD is double layer for highest quality. The NTSC DVD's are professionally replicated using glass masters for maximal compatibility. I have removed vulgar language but cannot guarantee that the removal was complete.

Please send check for $25 (post paid US orders) or $28 (post paid Non US orders)

William T. Hark, M.D.
9920 Independence Park Drive, Suite 100
Richmond, Virginia 23233

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Tornadoes in Eastern Fury

Warner Robins AFB, GA

Worcester, MA

Hermitage, PA

Albion, IL

Renan, VA

Lawrence County, TN

Myrtle Beach, SC

College Park, MD

Quicksburg, VA

La Plata, MD

Calvert County, MD

Taylor's Island, MD

Van Wert, OH

Brodnax, VA

Morton's Gap, KY

James City, VA

Savannah, GA

Hilton Head, SC

Panama City, FL

Lake Anna, VA

Remington, VA

Opal, VA

Centerville, VA
(D.C. area) 9/17/2004

Port Canaveral, FL

Punta Gorda, FL

Carroll County, GA

Zebulon, GA

Lake Murray, SC

Norman Park, GA

Woodward, IA
Jeremia Nance &

Gallatin, TN

Fairburn, GA

Williamson, GA

Video/Photo credits on this website and promo video
(There are more videographers on the actual production)

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