June 6, 2009 Sidney, Iowa bust


storm video, chase images and log by William T. Hark, M.D.



The day started in North Platte, Nebraska. After checking data, the prospects appeared marginal, but there was the chance of storms in far SE Nebraska and SW Iowa. The SPC had issued a slight risk for the area. I was chasing with Dave Lewison, Scott McPartland and we joined up with Charles Edwards of Cloud 9 Tours. George Kourounis who was with his producer and Mark Robinson were also in the group filming another episode of Angry Planet. We headed east, then south to a target area of Sidney, Iowa. We waited and waited. Nothing happened except for some cumulus congestus. I think the cap was too strong, and there was mixing out of low level moisture. Eventually, we called off the chase and headed to Nebraska City for dinner and overnight in Beatrice, Nebraska. Our group, along with some other chasers, converged on a small restaurant just before closing and had a small chaser party. The restaurant staff put us in a back room as we were fairly rowdy after standing around all afternoon with no storms. This was a fun day to socialize but a total bust for storm formation. In addition, I discovered a small leak on one of my tires. By the end of the day, I was having to fill the tire every couple of hours to maintain pressure.

Discussing strategy

Waiting for storms

Cumulus congestus

Where are the storms?

Dave Lewison and
Scott McPartland

Chaser dinner

Somebody flicked a
pickle that stuck to
Dave's face.


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