Storm Chase May 23, 2013: Amarillo Area Bust


chase images and log by William T. Hark, M.D. Video (HD) and pictures available for licensing. Click on images to enlarge


The day started leisurely in Amarillo, Texas as the target area was near the city. There was another possible target area further to the south. After lunch, we all drove in a long convoy of storm chasers to Clarendon, Texas to keep an eye on more southerly storms while not getting out of position for storms near Amarillo. We met up with Robert Balogh who had driven in from Lawton and we waited. The storms developing to the south were not that impressive, and we shifted back north to Washburn and continued to wait. Eventually, there was some development just north of Amarillo. It was showing some nice rotation, and I decided to break off from the group to get closer. The other members waited longer while Chris Kridler later decided to head north. I drove north and then northeast trying to catch up with the rotating storm. As I neared the storm, it started to weaken. I had no desire to follow a dying storm farther north. While driving back to Amarillo, I decided to wander around the canyons and back roads of the Lake Meredith National Recreation Area. It was beautiful isolated countryside. I never saw another person. Unfortunately, I didn't find any interesting wildlife except for a turtle. I also photographed some cows with wind turbines in the background. As night was approaching, I left the area and drove back to Amarillo to meet Dave, Scott and Robert at the Big Texan along with Daniel Shaw, an Australian who was part of our "Amarillo bust club" earlier that day. Chris Kridler and the Canadians, Brad, Dayna and Greg continued north to get into position for storms the following day in western Kansas or Colorado. I already had my hotel room in Amarillo. Scott and Dave had to stay since they were having an air conditioner condenser replaced in the car. Later, Mark Robinson and Jaclyn Whittal, who are with The Weather Network, joined us for dinner. They had spent several awful days at the Moore tornado damage path. We had an enjoyable dinner and even watched a big guy finish the 72 oz steak with 10 seconds to spare

Waiting for the storm

Lake Meredith National Recreation
Area in the Texas Panhandle

Back at the Big Texan for dinner

Mark and Jaclyn intervew a man who
ate the 72 oz steak in an hour.
Scott is filming.

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