Storm Chase May 22, 2013: Travel day in Texas, Big Texan Steak Ranch


chase images and log by William T. Hark, M.D. Video (HD) and pictures available for licensing. Click on images to enlarge


May 22 was a leisurely day. While getting ready to meet my friends for breakfast in Wichita Falls, Texas, I noticed a low tire pressure warning light. The cause was obvious after I found a nail in one of my tires. I usually damage at least one tire per chase trip. I skipped breakfast and went to a nearby Walmart to have the tire repaired. The wait was short, and I soon had my car. I did some additional website updates sitting in the Walmart parking lot. Just before I left, I rechecked the pressure and noticed a significant drop in one of the other tires. It was back to the repair shop. The valve on another tire was stuck and releasing air. I am glad I hadn't left Wichita Falls. After another quick repair, I was on the road to Amarillo with the plan to meet my friends at the Big Texan for dinner. Near Memphis, Texas, I made several attempts to intercept some dust devils without much success. Due to fairly high winds, the forward speed of the dust devils was very fast and they dissipated rapidly. In Memphis, I stopped a cute little burger restaurant called Cyclone Central. They had good chocolate milkshakes. Unfortunately, they didn't have any restaurant logo t-shirts. I continued to Amarillo and met up with my friends at the Days Inn. The group consisted of myself, Dave Lewison, Scott McPartland, Chris Kridler, Dayna Vettese, Brad Rousseau, and Greg Stephens. We all took the complementary limo over to the Big Texan, the famous restaurant with the free 72 oz steak featured on Man vs Food. The restaurant was filled with storm chasers, and a big group of young Australians touring the USA with Contiki tours. This was our traditional post-tornado steak dinner though a couple of days late.

Nail in my tire

Random stuff

Cyclone Central

L-R: Chris Kridler, Dayna Vettese, Scott McPartland,
Dave Lewison, Brad Rousseau, Greg Stephens, Bill Hark

Dinner at the Big Texan

Great food!

Roving musicans

Relaxing after a big dinner

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