Storm Chase 2015 (Storm chase images and reports)

May 14 - May 24

by William T. Hark
Stock Photgraphy and Video

This was an enjoyable chase season though not very many tornado intercepts. I did encounter the Elmer to Tipton, Oklahoma tornado. I also observed great supercell storm structure, funnels and landscapes. During some of the down days, I spent time roaming the back roads of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas taking photos and enjoying the beauty of nature. As with each chase trip, I really enjoyed spending time with friends who I usually only see once a year. During this chase trip, at different times, I chased with the following individuals in no particular order: Jason Persoff, Dave Lewison, Scott McPartland, Chris Kridler, Stephen Barabas, Mark Robinson, Jaclyn Whittal, Brad and Dayna Rousseau, Matt Grinter and Michel Millaire. Unfortunately, Robert Balogh and John Mann were not able to come out while I was on the Plains. I briefly got to see Charles Edwards and George Kourounis of Cloud 9 Tours. I left early and missed the beautiful May 27, Canadian, Texas tornadoes that many of my friends oberved.

Total miles: 3481

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Last modified: May 30, 2015

May 14 - 15 (Arrival in Wichita, Kansas and funnels in Nebraska)

May 16 (Tornado west of Tipton, Oklahoma)

May 17 - 18 (Down days in Amarillo, Texas wildflowers and ranchers)

May 19 (Supercell in southern Texas panhandle)

May 20 - 21 (Down days in Amarillo, Big Texan)

May 22 - 24 (Supercells in Colorado)

All photos and pictures are copyright 2015 William T. Hark, M.D except as noted. My pictures are either video captures using HD camcorders (Sony 3CCD Z1 and Canon HV20) or images from the Nikon D600/Canon S100.

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