Storm Chase 2000

May 19 - May 28

by William T. Hark

I only had a week to chase storms in the Great Plains which is not enough time even for experienced chasers to find storms. After a couple of years away from chasing storms in Tornado Alley because of other commitments, I was ready to try again. I had learned more forecasting techniques, and I had better equipment. I was looking foreward to seeing old friends and meeting new people. The week began poorly with a rare tornadic storm in Richmond (visible from the airport as I was leaving!) and long range forecast models showing nothing significant in the Plains until my time to leave. By the end of my trip, I had seen a beautiful unexpected storm over Palo Duro Canyon, brief tornado and rotating wall clouds, funnels and dust storms in Texas, wild lightning, sunsets, hail and roll clouds. I saw some old friends and I met a number of people I knew only through their photography and chase discussions on WX-Chase. Since I enjoy hiking, exploring new places and photography, there was plenty to do on off days.
There is a lot more to chasing than finding a tornado.

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May 19 - May 23 (W. TX: unexpected storm, mammatus, rainbow, storm structure, butterflies, hiking; OK: supercell with overshooting top, OKC Memorial)

May 24 (Arnett, OK and Norman OK: sunset, wild CG's)

May 25 (Vega, TX: severe storm, roll cloud)

May 26 (Throckmorton, TX: brief tornado, rotating wall clouds, funnels, beautiful storm clouds, chaser convergence)

May 27 (Jacksboro, TX: funnel almost to the ground, dust storms; Dallas, TX: amazing roll cloud)

This chase vacation was a great way to improve my forecast skills. Obtaining data was difficult as I had to depend on finding libraries and Kinkos with internet access. A laptop would have made life easier. Tim Vasquez of the Weathergraphics Chase Hotline was very helpful with data interpretation and real-time radar updates. I would also like to thank the following for help with supplying weather data and on site reports: Jim Leonard, R.J. Evans, Steve Sponsler and Chris Kridler.

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