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Hunting The Beast

Storm Chase Highlights 2008 - 2012


Promo video for Hunting the Beast only shows a few of the many tornadoes and storms on the Blu-ray



Join me on an epic adventure as I track storms across Tornado Alley and Virginia. Hunting the Beast features my best storm video from 2008 - 2012. All video was shot in high definition, and this includes the famous Quinter,Kansas EF-4 tornado crossing I-70 and EF-4 Bowdle,South Dakota wedge tornado destroying high voltage lines, beautiful Howes, South Dakota tornado passing by a church, Oklahoma tornado outbreak on May 24, 2011, unexpected tornadonear Ada, Oklahoma, rare Oilville, Virginia tornado that was part of the April 27, 2011 outbreak and Harper, Kansas tornado shredding a wind turbine. There are also amazing “mothership” supercells,high winds, lightning and gorilla hail. With each storm event, there are scenes of storm structure, radar images and maps. The production ends with a slide show and bonus video. For those who only like tornadoes, there is a submenu with direct links to the best tornadoes.

The Blu-Ray is 2 hours 36 minutes with widescreen video. Due to hassle and expense, I am not offering DVD's at this time. I may do a DVD release in the future. E-mail me to get on a the list if you want a DVD version. I have done my best to make this family-friendly.

Table of Contents (Scroll down to see stills from Hunting the Beast)

Music video and introduction

May 22, 2008 Trego County, Kansas supercell with massive mesocyclone and tornado

May 23, 2008 Quinter, Kansas EF-2 and EF-4 tornadoes including the famous tornado crossing I-70 video

May 25, 2008 Bison, Kansas landspout tornado and large hail

May 29, 2008 Kearney, Nebraska tornadic storm (EF-2), Glen Elder to Jewell, Kansas tornadoes (EF-1 to EF3) and photogenic supercell

May 22, 2010 Bowdle, South Dakota tornadoes including EF-4 wedge

May 24, 2010 Howes/Plainview, South Dakota EF-2 tornado

April 27, 2011 Oilville, Virginia EF-1 tornado crossing 250 and photogenic supercell

May 21, 2011 Ada, Oklahoma tornado

May 24, 2011 Oklahoma tornado outbreak with the El Reno-Piedmont EF-5 tornado (distant view) and McLoud/Shawnee EF-2 tornado

May 19, 2012 Kingman and Harper County, Kansas tornadoes including video of a wind turbine shredding

May 25, 2012 La Crosse, Kansas nocturnal tornado and Kansas gustnadoes



Bonus Video (June 5, 2008 Nebraska supercell, June 7, 2009 Amity, Missouri supercell, June 17, 2009 South Hampton County, Virginia supercell with high winds, May 18, 2010 Dalhart area tornado and nice supercell structure, May 22, 2011 Lone Grove, Oklahoma big hail, tour of the National Weather Center, May 30, 2011 western Nebraska storms, May 29, 2012 western Kansas brushfire, May 30, 2012 funnel near Memphis, Texas and beautiful supercell west of Estelline, Texas and May 20, 2011 amazing sunset near Pratt, Kansas.)
Please note that all big hail video is after it has fallen.

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DVD are not available at this time, only Blu-ray.


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