Butterfly and Moth Photos From Belize (page 1)

by William T. Hark, M.D.

Stock Photography and Video

The following photos were taken by me while in the Chaa Creek area of western Belize near San Ignacio. I was in the tropical forest from August 31 to September 6, 2002.
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Parides sp.

Parides sp.

Hairstreak butterfly (1)

Hairstreak butterfly (2)

Polyommatinae sp.


Metalmark butterfly (1)

Metalmark butterfly (2)

Metalmark butterfly (3)

Morpho peleides

Morpho peleides

Morpho peleides

Owl Butterfly

Eumaeus sp.

Eueides isabella

Heliconius ismenius

Heliconius ismenius

Archaeoprepona meander

Satyrinae sp.

Carolina satyr

Adelphia basiloides

Variegated fritillary

Blue cracker

Hamadryas arinome (cracker)

White peacock

White peacock


Spider attacking a fatima


Thesalia sp.

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Belize photos copyright 2002 William T. Hark, M.D.
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