National Storm Chasers Convention

Denver, Colorado 2005

The 7th annual National Storm Chaser Convention was held in Denver on February 18th through the 20th. Almost 200 storm chasers, meteorology students and researchers converged for two days of lectures, demonstrations, tornado and hurricane video, networking and partying. The lectures included tornado forecasting, the meteorology of several 2004 tornado outbreaks days, mobile Doppler radar studies, hurricane chasing and equipment and software for storm chasing. The dinner talk was on Vortex 2 (2007) and the latest in tornadogenesis theories by Dr. Erik Rasmussen. BNVN sponsored a chaser video contest. Additional tornado videos were shown late into Saturday night.

I had a great time seeing old friends, learning more about forecast techniques, tornado formation and chase equipment along with watching some amazing tornado video. Thanks to the organizers (Roger Hill, Tim Samaras and David Drummond) along with the speakers and sponsors. Also, thanks to BNVN and Weathervine for sponsoring the video contest. I am looking forward to next year.

Friday ice breaker

Watching tornado video

Tim Vasquez selling Digital
Atmosphere and tornado videos

Jon Davies talking about
tornado forecasting parameters

Checking out the new
Sony HDR-FX1

Bill Hark and the DOW

Charles Edwards of
Cloud 9 Tours

Dr. Greg Forbes of
The Weather Channel

Chris Collura & Jason Foster
selling Hurricane Charlie video

Marcie Martin and Scott Blair

?? and Twister Sisters, Peggy
Willenberg and Melanie Metz

Jeff and Kathryn Piotrowski

??, Dan Robinson and
Susan Strom

The Weathervine group counting
video contest votes

Camera flash wars, Charles
Edwards & Mike Umscheid

Dan Robinson, Bill Hark
and Jeff Piotrowski

Jason Politte discovers the
joy of gas station taquitoes

1 AM, we were hungry and
nothing else was open. Brown
hotdogs and fibrous taquitoes

Dr. Josh Wurman talking
about Doppler on Wheels

Roger Hill, one of
the organizers
. .

All photos, copyright 2005 William T. Hark, M.D.

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