Storm Chase May 20, 2011: Beautiful sunset and storm near Pratt, Kansas


chase images and log by William T. Hark, M.D. Video (HD) and pictures available for licensing


Today was an example of a very nice storm chase without any tornadoes. The day started in Wichita, Kansas after a night at the Wichita Inn. We spent most of the day near Pratt, Kansas relaxing and checking data. While waiting, we ran into Charles Edwards and George Kourounis of Cloud 9 Tours. There was a slight risk for severe storms across Kansas though a very low chance for tornadoes. The dryline was near Pratt and storms eventually developed along the boundary. We followed a couple of storms. The final storm southeast of Pratt was dramatic at sunset. We watched lightning across an orange and fiery sky. The setting sun illuminated wheat dancing in the wind. The combination of reds, blues, oranges and purples produced amazing scenes for photography and video. This was a very successful chase even with no tornadoes. After sunset, we headed for Enid, Oklahoma for the night.

Working on the forecast
at our hotel in Pratt, KS

Joking around with
Charles Edwards and George Kourounis
of Cloud 9 Tours

Watching storm develop

We passed the TIV or
Tornado Intercept Vehicle

Mark, Heather and Scott enjoying
a beautiful sunset storm

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All images Copyright 2011 William T. Hark