Hail Storm near Richmond, Virginia May 5, 2004

I decided to do a short "gentleman's chase" and investigated a severe storm just north of Richmond, Virginia. I was going to a charity event, but I made a brief detour. Individual storms were forming in north-south line across Virginia and states to the north. One already severe-warned storm was moving across Hanover County. I drove north on I-95, then briefly east on I-295. Viewing was unusually clear for Virginia and the isolated storms were visible from a distance. "My storm" was to the north and rapidly moving away. I could see a nice hail core and rainbow. I turned onto Route 301 north and stopped in the Atlee area just into Hanover County. Hail fog covered many areas and blew across the road. The ground was covered with hail (maximum size: slightly larger than a quarter). After taking some pictures and dealing with some unexpected car trouble, I continued on to the event. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to look for the reported baseball sized hail further into Hanover, County.

All Images Copyright 2004 William T. Hark

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